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Hill Vale Animals - Latest News

We had a wonderful visit with The Yellow Door Community Library last week 💛

All of our animals are big fans of reading and really enjoy a visit to the library.   The Yellow Door Community Library at Clifton Street Community Centre near Wigan last week.  The Children really enjoyed meeting Sheila the Skink and sharing Dear Zoo together 🦁

Yellow Door SkinkYellow Door Skink 2

Back to School For Hill Vale Animals

After a rather damp summer break, the animals from Hill Vale were bubbling with excitement as they prepared to head back to school. Today, we spent a few hours at Winstanley College, lending a helping hand to the new students and helping them settle in. This isn't our first time visiting Winstanley College; in fact, it's our third! We feel incredibly honoured to be invited back. Our presence helps the students relax and find comfort during this stressful period. The students were particularly thrilled to meet our friendly and fast-paced tortoises. Fun fact: did you know that the proper way to hold a tortoise is like holding a cheeseburger?

Stay tuned for lots of pictures from our visit, but for now, you can check out Winstanley College's newsletter where we were warmly acknowledged for our previous visit. You'll find us featured on page 2!




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